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Wollaston students pose with their teacher.Welcome to Wollaston Elementary School!

The Wollaston School is a neighborhood elementary school for students from kindergarten to fifth grade. Despite being closed from 1982 to 1987, the Wollaston School has a long tradition of academic excellence that dates back to the early 1870s. The original Wollaston School stood diagonally across the street at what is now Safford Park. The present Wollaston School was built in 1913. The school and the surrounding area are named after Captain Richard Wollaston who established an early settlement in this area in 1624. We take great pride in both preserving our strong tradition and preparing our students to become self-fulfilling individuals, good citizens, and competent workers in the 21st century.

Message from the Principal of Wollaston School:

Mr. James HennessyWelcome to our community of learners at the Wollaston School! Our community of learners, comprised of adults and children alike, is bonded by shared values and beliefs regarding learning. We utilize a problem-solving, hands-on approach to learning that is both challenging and fun! We believe that every child deserves an enriched learning program. At Wollaston, we strive to provide positive learning experiences which will contribute to everyone's growth as individuals, citizens, and workers in a caring, collegial environment. Since we believe that everyone has a unique contribution to make, we encourage your participation in the learning process. You will have many, varied opportunities to become involved with our community of learners. We hope you will be able to take advantage of some of these opportunities.

The staff and I look forward to working cooperatively with you to enrich your children's learning experience within our school and enlist your help in extending these experiences to your home and the wider community as well. It is a great challenge to provide conditions that encourage sustained, lifelong, cooperative learning. We appreciate and depend upon your positive response to this challenge!

Principal: James Hennessy, 617-984-8791

Assistant Principal: Deirdre Murphy, 617-984-8791


Elementary SchoolElementary School is an important first step in your child's education. Quincy Public Schools are there from the first time your Kindergartner picks out a book at the school library to the first grader having success in math to upper grades where students take their basis of knowledge and expand it to more advanced thinking.



At Wollaston Elementary School, we recognize that great learning can take place outside the classroom. Reading can be the portal to an adventure through time. Math can be the magic of building and creating.

Wollaston Elementary School is proud to host several academic, remedial, and enrichment programs for our students. Programs vary, depending on students' needs and interests, grants received, and facility availability.